Be Yourself, Even If You’re Quirky

I had the privilege of attending a banquet recently where the guest speaker was a comedian. He was a hoot!! I mean, he was so funny people held onto their stomachs laughing so hard. His humorIMG_0629 was clean, so no one felt awkward. What made this guy so humorous was that he was truly being himself. He shared stories from his childhood and more recent experiences, too. He had learned to laugh at himself, and then gave us the opportunity to laugh with him. He was a great storyteller.

Years back, before internet, I received a letter from my sister while I lived in another country. Each sentence was truly my sister. The way she processes her thoughts were in every line I read. My heart squeezed with longing. I laughed at her humor and missed her as much as she said she missed me. The letter was special because she was being herself. Her essence was in every word written.

As a writer of a novel, blog, or letter, it’s important that I’m genuine. That doesn’t mean that I cannot develop my character and become a better person. It certainly doesn’t mean I don’t need to learn more about the craft of writing. It simply means I shouldn’t try to copy someone else’s voice or personality. Fake will show itself and turn readers away. Genuineness will delight, inspire, and pull the reader in. Of course, their will be those who do not like who you are. That’s okay. You cannot please everyone, so don’t try. But more people will be drawn to your writing if you are genuine than if you try something that doesn’t come natural to you.

Nothing is more painful than to have to listen to someone trying to be funny when they are completely out of their element. You want to laugh because you feel so badly for them, but it almost hurts to force a chuckle out. If you’re better at drama, then please delight us with a heartwarming story. We enjoy those, too.

Here’s another reason to be yourself. It’s difficult to be fake all the time. As an author, you will be meeting your readers face to face before long, and they will soon be disappointed that the person behind the book is very different from the person standing in front of them. But if you are genuine, you’ll be more of what you’ve already shown in your writing. You will be able to connect better with your audience when face to face. Those that are drawn to who you authentically are will most likely also be drawn to your writing.


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6 thoughts on “Be Yourself, Even If You’re Quirky”

  1. This so true. It definitely spoke a load of wisdom to me. It also helped me feel great about trying to remain true to myself outwardly and inwardly. Being in a foreign country can sometimes force you to change or to mimic people which is painful. Being yourself is also a way to tell your maker that you appreciate what He has created you to be.
    Thank you for the post. I needed that

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  2. This is so true Anne, Thanks for sharing. I would like to read that letter that I wrote to you so I can laugh at myself. lol


    1. Thanks, Mar. Love you to the moon and back. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where I put that letter and I don’t have time to look for it. If I ever find it, I’ll show it to you. There’s probably more than one. 😉


  3. Thank you Anne for the reading. I like your style and thoughts. Love the photo you used. Do I ever remember that day! It has been so much fun being with you guys!!


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