An Amazing Vacation

fullsizeoutput_1cc8My husband and I just returned from traveling to Europe for two weeks to celebrate our 30-year wedding anniversary.








We started out in Munich, Germany.











Stayed a couple nights in Grindelwald, Switzerland and enjoyed some amazing scenery.










We traveled down to Lago Maggiore, Italy, and stayed at a lovely Airbnb.






Finally, we drove to Altach, Austria and visited some of my family.





It was an amazing vacation we will never forget. We had the opportunity to use the German language again, which was a lot of fun. We met many people in our travels, and each one played a part in the enjoyment of our trip. From the workers in hotels and restaurants, to our Airbnb host in Italy, to a young mother and toddler at a rest stop in Austria, to a street sweeper in Germany, my family, a priest, a 90-year old Austrian lady, and four young boys asking us to check out the goods they were selling in their backyard — everyone added to the richness of our experience in Europe. Even my aunt’s dog, Chuck. (After we left, my aunt told me Chuck walked around the house whining. Poor dog…)

On our last Sunday, we attended a church in Switzerland: Glaubenszentrum St. Margrethen. People greeted us as we walked up the stairs to enter the building. More people greeted us as we walked into the sanctuary. It was a warm and welcoming church. They sang the same songs we sing at our church in Michigan, except in the German language. The message was solid and the building was packed.

Now that we are home again, I want to contemplate all that I saw, tasted, felt, and experienced. Perhaps some of this will be implemented into my writing at some point in the future.


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