Breathtaking Views and a Sign

A cable car took us high up onto a mountain in Grindelwald, Switzerland. The view was breathtaking! It’s something we’ve seen in pictures and wondered if it could really be this magnificent if we saw it with our own eyes. Now, as we stood there taking it all in, the splendor was beyond description. Hiking around the top of a mountain over 7,000 feet above where we had parked our car, we gazed in wonder and gasped at the things we could see, wishing all our closest friends and family could be there to savor it all with us.

When we reached a certain peak, there was a sign someone had posted. It was there to remind travelers, tourists, and shepherds of who was responsible for all we could see. Whose hand created it. Who is worthy of our praise. I don’t know the person who posted the sign or how long ago it was placed there, but I realize they, too, were enraptured by all that stood before them and they knew who was responsible for putting it there.

fullsizeoutput_1ceeEverything that has breath,
Praise the Lord. – Psalm 150:6

“Our land in all its splendor,
Its mountains, its corridors,
Are the witnesses of your might,
Traces of your fatherly goodness.

Everything in us bows,
Great things you have done.”

K. V. Greyerz

(Translation of poem by Curt Dalaba)

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Anneliese Dalaba


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