Downtime Up North

Sometimes the nicest thing you can do for yourself is to just get away from it all. Leave the stress behind, change the routine, and stop to smell the roses. Okay, so there are no roses in northern Michigan in November. Still, you know what I mean. It’s nice to sit in a relaxing setting, face a different scenery, and simply laugh together while doing something everyone enjoys — or nothing at all.


We live in the south-central part of Michigan, so when our kids asked us if we wanted to go north with them for a weekend, we were like, “Yes! Let’s do it!” I found us an adorable condo right on the water about three hours from where we live.  (This photo is from the ad and obviously taken in the summer. But let me tell you, it looks lovely even in late fall.)

Reconnecting with family and sharing special moments, while releasing tension, is so worth it!  Northern Michigan is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit. I highly recommend it.

I’m sitting in the condo as I’m writing this blogpost. Did I mention I love writing? So, of course, it’s one of the things I like to do when I relax. Reclining in a comfortable chair by the floor-to-ceiling windows, I observe a seagull waddling on the beach, into the water, and then out again. Gray clouds cover the sky and blend with the gray of beautiful Lake Charlevoix. What separates the water from the sky is a strip of land with trees in the various colors of fall. It doesn’t matter that its cold and raining outside. Not much bothers us today. We are simply enjoying being together, chatting, laughing, being silly, intermingled with deep thoughts and words of affirmation. It’s times of refreshing like these that inspire us to keep dreaming. When this weekend is over, we will have renewed strength and the will to keep moving forward.

“Have regular hours for work and play; make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well.” — Louisa May Alcott


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