Book Recommendation

Whenever I read for entertainment, I want something that will make me chuckle but also have some depth to it. Basically, I want something similar to my life, but a guaranteed happy ending. Entertainment shouldn’t make me cry tears of sadness for too long, and especially not at the end. That’s just my opinion, of course. If I should ever have a need to cry, there are plenty of true stories I can read. But if I’m going to read a fiction, then let it have a happy ending. And if the writer can cause me to laugh and shed a gentle tear in the process of reading the pages of their novel, all the better. Emotions are part of life, but a happy ending is what fictions are made for. I want to feel good when I get to the end of the book.

Having said all that, I wonder if you’ve ever read a regency novel by Kristi Ann Hunter? I was doing a search for Christian historical fiction authors and came across this writer. After reading her description about herself on her website, I decided to read one of her books. She had humor and even sarcasm in her bio, and I wanted to see if her books are as entertaining as she is. The book pictured above is the one I purchased and I was not disappointed.  Funny thing is, when I looked through my Kindle library, I saw that I already owned another one of her books. I liked that one too. However, let me tell you about this one since it’s only $1.99 on Kindle currently. If you click on the book above, it will take you to Amazon so you can purchase your copy while it’s on sale. This is what it’s about:

Trent and Adelaide are forced to marry after finding themselves in a compromising situation. Trent’s dream was to have a love match like his parents. Unfortunately, as a gentleman, those dreams had to die in order to save Adelaide’s reputation. But being willing to marry her is not the same as truly accepting her as his wife.

Adelaide has virtually no experience of life in London society. She’d been left in the country while her mother focused all her attention and resources on bringing out her beautiful, older daughter. Even after the older daughter marries, Adelaide continues to be left in the country. So when Trent takes Adelaide to London following their wedding, she has much to learn about what is expected of her and how to be a wife.

I enjoyed both main characters. The book was often hard to put down because I was curious to see how this marriage would succeed. Adelaide is a sweet and patient young lady. I found it fascinating to see this couple work at getting to know each other while letting go of old dreams. By trusting God, we always find He uses unpleasant situations in our lives to work out His purposes for us.