Which is Your Favorite Genre?

When you are on Amazon or browsing through a bookstore, which is the genre or type of book you are most drawn to? I mean as far as fiction is concerned, which genre do you gravitate toward?


Mine is most certainly the genre I’m writing in. I love Christian Historical Romance. It doesn’t necessarily need to be filled with a bunch of facts about a different time period. I just need enough information to place my mind in the appropriate setting. Correct word usage is important, as well as the proper clothing the characters wear, tools they use, transport they use, etc. I don’t need a history lesson, since, after all, this is a¬†fiction. I just want to feel like I’m living through those characters and facing their challenges and the limitations of that time period.

Personally, I love books in variety of historical settings, but I seem to gravitate toward Regency England (Napoleonic Era and into the early 1800s), Pioneer, and Westerns. I have been known to read Colonial, Civil War, Victorian, Medieval, and several others. Very rarely, but on occasion, I read a contemporary fiction. For me it’s more about the people than the location. If the book has a great description, I’ll try something outside of my favorite genre.

How about you?

Which fiction genre do you enjoy reading the most?