First Line Friday #34

The book I’m featuring today is “Not What He Ordered” by Laurean Brooks. I’ve only just started reading this book and haven’t gotten very far. But I’m sharing it because it’s my current read. It’s rated a 5-star book on Amazon, so I thought I’d give it a try.

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Denton, Texas

“Carrie Franklin had never set foot inside a saloon.”

Carrie’s brother is a gambler and throws away the money they need to survive on his addiction to cards. She decides to go to the saloon to find her brother, but meets with a bully instead. In self defense, she injures the drunk, possibly killing him. Everyone seems afraid of the man, so she doubts anyone will stand with her in this situation, so she takes a train out of town leaving her brother a brief note.

On the train, she meets a mail-order bride who tells her about her friend who was supposed to be traveling with her to meet her own groom, but backed out at the last minute. Since Carrie is going to the town where this rejected groom lives, her fellow passenger asks Carrie to please inform the man that his mail-order bride changed her mind. Reluctantly agreeing to the plan, she had no idea the rejected groom would believe her to be the woman he was waiting for. Not giving her an opportunity to explain, he sweeps her onto his buckboard and takes her home to his aunt.

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