First Line Friday #35

The book I’m featuring today is Petticoat Ranch by Mary Connealy. This is one of my favorite novels written by this author. Although I read it several years ago, I decided to feature it this week.

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Mosqueros, Texas, 1867

“Sophie heard God in every explosion of thunder as she listened to the awesome power of the approaching storm.” 

Mary Connealy’s heroine, Sophie, does not have the luxury of being a weak female. She’s had a difficult and challenging life, and she’s doing her best not to be defeated no matter how impossible her situation might be. Her husband is dead and she is left with young daughters to raise in a land run mostly by vigilantism.

A stranger arrives who looks strangely familiar and wishes to help Sophie and her girls. The villain wants Sophie’s ranch no matter the cost.

This story is fast paced and hard to put down. It is humorous, mysterious, suspenseful, inspirational, and romantic all mixed together in one delightful read.

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